Ana Liza Caballes, Deputy Director

Ana Liza Caballes

Deputy Director

Ana Liza migrated from the Philippines when she was eight years old and reunited with her parents who dreamed of a better life in an urban neighborhood of multi-racial, working class Los Angeles. The economic disparities and political landscape of the Philippines, Los Angeles and New York City provided a fertile environment for her commitment to fight for human rights and equality for all people.  With more than 12 years of community organizing in the transnational Filipino community, she remains grounded in the compassionate, daring acts of justice and a vision for social change — inspired and collectively led by im/migrants, people of color, women, LGBTQ and young people; those who are at the cusp of oppression and resistance.

When the most inhumane immigration policies were proposed by the US Congress in 2005, Ana Liza had the opportunity to meet DRUM at a street action. Immediately, she felt akin to the principles, people, and practice of DRUM. Through organizing campaigns, strategizing, and marching with hundreds of thousands of im/migrants across the country, she came to know DRUM as a fierce organization that mobilizes, defends and lifts up the leadership of the most marginalized members of society. As an organizer also for Ugnayan Youth for Justice and Social Change, she is committed to bridging the Filipino and South Asian struggles.