Shikha Rawat

Shikha joined DRUM and completed the YouthPower! Summer Youth Organizing Institute in 2011 as a High School freshman. She has been a leader in the Dignity in Schools Campaign and Alliance for Educational Justice representing DRUM in Department of Education meetings, campaign events and convenings, including organizing that led to the Department of Justice and Department of Education’s release of the historic Guidance on School Discipline and School Climate. As a student in a specialized high school, Shikha noticed the stark differences between how students were treated in her school compared to other under-resourced and overpriced schools, and has subsequently taken lead on DRUM’s work on educational equity.  Shikha is also active in CAAAV – Organizing Asian Communities’ Asian Youth in Action program where she continues to build her organizing skills around issues of racial justice, gender justice, and law enforcement accountability. Shikha currently leads DRUM’s educational justice and gender justice work.