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Apply to the Youth Organizing Institute

By drum | April 28, 2015

Statement to NYC City Council Committee on Public Safety

By drum | April 16, 2015

The Student Safety Act has been a pivotal piece of legislation that has contributed to greater transparency and accountability in education and juvenile justice system. The Student Safety Act data has shown that the work of community based, advocacy, and legal organizations that led the work to win this Policy to end the racial disparities…


DRUM’s Testimony to the City Council on Community Policing

By drum | March 5, 2015

DRUM submitted to following testimony to the New York City Council Public Safety Committee: I am submitting this testimony on behalf of DRUM-South Asian Organizing Center. DRUM fights for low-wage workers, South Asian immigrants, and issues such as unfair policing of our communities. We join many other New Yorkers in being concerned about the proposal…

DRUM youth members stand in solidarity with Black and Latino Students

The Youth, United, Will Never Be Defeated! DRUM Youth Statement at Discipline Code Conference

By drum | March 3, 2015

On March 2, 2015, DRUM youth members spoke out at an action coordinated by Dignity in School Campaign before the Discipline Code Hearing. Below is the statement they read at the action: Today, we reflect on the organizing work of young people of color who have fought to dismantle New York City’s school to prison pipeline…


Community Speakout and Action On Policing and Anti-Black Racism

By drum | December 15, 2014

In light of the refusal of grand juries to indict the officers who killed Mike Brown in Ferguson, and who killed Eric Garner in NYC, DRUM members joined the city-wide mobilizations condemning police violence and racism. In order to bring the conversation back into our communities, DRUM organized a speak out, with over 100 people, to discuss…


Facts About Obama’s Executive Action

By drum | November 26, 2014

Launching Community Education & Defense Campaign

By drum | November 26, 2014

Today DRUM members launched the next stage of our work for immigration reform with a press conference, community speakout, and the launch of a community education and defense campaign to: – Acknowledge that gain came out of the struggles and organizing efforts of many undocumented immigrants – Highlight voices of those who benefit and those…

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Admin Relief Announcement Viewing & Membership Meeting

By drum | November 26, 2014

DRUM members view and discuss the Administrative Relief Announcement by President Obama. While several of our members in attendance seem to benefit from the program, many others still do not qualify. Members made decisions for how DRUM should respond, next steps, and recommitted to each other to continue to organize until the rights of ALL…


Community Speakout on Bullying and Restorative Justice

By drum | October 31, 2014

During this year’s DSC Week of Action, students, parents, teachers and advocates across the country held over 100 events in 52 cities to raise awareness about the #SchoolPushout crisis in our nation’s schools and to help launch and support local campaigns. DRUM youth members and allies held a community speak out to discuss issues of bullying, and…


The People’s Court for Crimes Against Immigrants

By drum | October 30, 2014

On September 25th, DRUM YouthPower! members organized a People’s Court to hold President Obama and Senator Chuck Schumer accountable to their actions and inaction when it comes to the undocumented immigrant community. Every day 1,100 people are deported and under the current Obama administration, over 2,000,000 people have been deported.  Over 80 DRUM members and…