Global Justice Program

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Global Justice Program

People’s Global Action for Migration and Development

 Since 2005, as a member of the International Working Group of the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, DRUM has participated in migrant led organizing for accountability and human rights from governments and the United Nations on global and multilateral migration policies and practices.  The PGA launched in 2006 during the United Nations High Level Dialogues on Migration in New York City. Since then, we have joined migrant groups across the globe to organize annual action parallel to and participate in meetings of the Global Forum on Migration and Development. DRUM brings the voices and issues of South Asian migrant workers and families in the U.S. to international mechanisms and to work directly with migrants from around the world facing similar human rights abuses.  Specifically, we work to end growing anti-immigrant enforcement regimes (detention, deportation, border militarization), win just trade and development policies, and to implement international human rights standards.

Resource: Excluded and Exploited: The New Regime of Trade, Managed Migration, and Repression, report by the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

Global South Asian Migrant Workers Alliance

The first global project of DRUM, the global alliance will bring together emerging South Asian migrant worker groups in migrant-receiving regions (North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia) to build a international alliance to organize and advocate for the human rights of migrants and their families.

United National Anti-War Committee 

As a member of the National Coordinating Committee Member, UNAC educates communities and policy makers on impacts of war and organizes to end wars and occupations.  DRUM raises the voices of immigrants, workers, and youth to seek just foreign policies related to militarization to prevent the loss of lives and mass displacement of people.  Our members mobilize for peace and justice events locally and nationally.