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 Previous Years


 DRUM Leaders Speaks at United Nation High Level Dialogue on Migration & Development (2013)

June 13-15: A team of our staff and leaders joined over 500 civil society groups from around the world to attend and speak at the  UN High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development’s Civil Society Day on June 15th.  Longtime youth alumni and staff member, Rishi Singh, gave a speech on migrant youth organizing, citing the urgent need to end criminalization and shift from neo-liberal led migration and development policies to a human rights framework. As part of over 7 regional preparatory meetings globally, our Executive Director attended the US-Canada meeting in Washington DC on June 7th. DRUM serves as the anchor organization for the 2013 People’s Global Action on Migration, Development, and Human Rights to be held from September 30th to October 4th in NYC.

Keep our families together – End Detentions and Deportations NOW! (2013)

12-year-old DRUM youth member, Nushin Kashem, is fighting to bring her father home from detention, and for all immigrant families and youth. Join and support DRUM to build the leadership and voices of undocumented immigrants to lead the struggle for immigration reform, workers’ rights, and to roll back enforcement policies.

YouthPower! Open Mic (2012)

Checkpoint Nation? Building Community Across Borders (2011)

Breakthrough TV

Anti-war rally in New York City (2011)

Youth Speak Out (2009)

Youth from the DRUM Summer Internship Program speaking about policing in schools and immigration status affecting their access to education.

Rising Up: The Alams (2005)

Producer/DP: Konrad Aderer; Editor: Helen Yum

In this documentary we meet the Alams, a Bangladeshi family living in Coney Island, Brooklyn. Mohammed Alam, father to two young U.S.-born daughters, is one of 13,000 immigrants facing deportation as a consequence of Special Registration, a post-9/11 policy which targeted nationals of Muslim countries. But the Alams are not just victims. Learn how they fight back as members of South Asian community organization DRUM.

Distributor: Third World Newsreel

DRUM Beat (2003)

Members of YouthPower! whose fathers were detained after 9/11 created a digital shortly on deportations, wars, and DRUM’s organizing.  It was screened at the prestigious Los Angeles Asian American Film Festival in 2004.  Many thanks to our partners at Third World Majority.

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