Apply to the Youth Organizing Institute

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DRUM YouthPower! is looking for South Asian and Indo-Caribbean youth ages 14-21 for our 17th Annual leadership development program this summer. The Internship will run 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays) for approximately 4 hours each day. DRUM members will be prioritized for the internship (Apply before June 2nd 2017 and join DRUM's membership to be prioritized for the Summer program).  Participants will:

  • Learn the basics of how to fight for justice,
  • Work with other high school students for educational justice
  • Receive a stipend upon successful completion of the program

Applicants must be youth between the ages of 14-21 of South Asian origin. The internship takes place from July 10th - August 19th. (May include additional trips and meetings)

We will accept applications until June 23rd 2017 for our 2017 Summer Youth Organizing Institute!

First Name
Last Name
Country of Origin


Birth Date


What school do you attend?


How did you hear about DRUM?


Phone Number




Street Address


Apt# / Floor






Zip Code


Do you work and if yes what do you do? What jobs do your parents do?


What is your family's annual income?


How many people live in your household?


What are some issues/ problems faced by people in your community that you would like to change?

How would you try to make these changes?


Briefly describe a personal experience you have had where you were faced with racism, sexism, poverty, state violence, or homophobia?

How did you try to change the situation?


Does your immigration status, or your family's immigration history, make it hard for you to get an education, or do you fear the reporting of your immigration status
by school officials? Please explain.


Describe your school environment, especially around discipline and safety. Does it have metal detectors, School Safety Agents, guidance counselors, etc,?


Have you ever been bullied by teachers, safety agents, or other adults in your school? Describe.


Have you ever been suspended in school? Why and What happened? DRUM works to have alternatives to suspensions in schools such as peer counseling,

mediation, and restorative justice. Have you been a part of any of those processes and what happened?


What does justice mean to you?


Please indicate which issue areas you are interested in:



DRUM's Summer Youth Organizing Institute is a six week long internship for South Asian and Indo-Caribbean youth ages 14 - 21 years. Young people learn about issues that impact their communities from racial, immigrant, education, gender, and worker justice. Through interactive political education workshops, participants begin connecting their lived experiences and struggles to systems of oppression. Participants then learn how to collectively challenge those systems through hands on skills building workshops, trainings on community organizing, and arts and cultural projects.